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Squidpod. is the Audio and Video podcast hosted by Joel and Jenn which tackles hard hitting issues like 'Robots On Fire' and 'Pants: An Option?'.

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    Squidpod 37: Luxury Drunk-Tank Experience


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    Joel and Jenn return after a brief three year Hiatus. Now parents; exhausted and crazy...
    they explore solving problems for others in their position.

    I See You Too Asshole:

    A Personal History of Photography


    Going for a walk with a camera, everyday.Do you remember those old 110mm cameras that you'd get in a happy meal? Yeah me neither. But if you could strain your booze addled mind you'd remember why those cameras were any good. The photos they produced looked like shit but the camera was small enough the you could carry them around in your pocket. And in 1986 I always had my camera in my k-way jacket. Back then my dog and I would go to the "field" - an undeveloped plot of wheat fields and swamp. I took pictures of grasshoppers and frogs and cats I met along the way. Not one photo was in focus and even less of them were exposed. But the act of having a camera with me "just in case" was a practice lost in later years. read more...