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    Joel and Jenn return after a brief three year Hiatus. Now parents; exhausted and crazy...
    they explore solving problems for others in their position.

    Space the final Frontier,

    finally final.


    I want to Congratulate U.S. Senator Ted Cruz on his appointment to oversee NASA. As an opponent to science over the years one might wonder how his particular "qualifications" might impact NASA. I'm not a psychic (nor do I believe in them) but I'm going to go ahead and predict that NASA will be seeing some budget cuts in the future. Ideologically Mr.Cruz' bias will naturally lead to the dismantling of the agency. Having a climate change denier in charge of a key scientific agency is akin to naming Richard Dawkins as Pope.... how can this not lead to entropy? Does old Teddy even believe in Space? There's about the same amount of evidence for outer-space as there is for climate change, unless the moon landing was faked and we all live inside of an elaborate hollywood backlot.

    I'm a Canadian, and outside of our astronauts we loan to NASA our other proudest achievement was creating the robotic arm used in the previous generation of space shuttles. A friend of mine tweeted "Now that Ted Cruz is overseeing Nasa does the Canadarm have to change its name?" in which I responded "the Freedarm." But the truth is that America and by extension Canada's Space days are most likely behind us, unless private visionary's like Elon Musk fill the gap, but that's a lot of eggs to put in one basket.

    Let's take a minute and assume that the Market Economy will continue on forever, as the Republican belief system demands, then the Earth will run out of... well... stuff to make things fairly soon. Pragmatically we should be looking for a new planet now... even if it's just to mine that one to bits too. but the truth is Space exploration is not immediately profitable, and therefore by free market accounts should be whittled away to nothing. Instead there's a strange logic of the throwing that same money into killing foreigners over securing resources that somehow makes more money while speeding up our time limit here on this perfectly functional planet. ... that can't really be how it works can it? Looking at it from outside like that, our oil wars seem like nothing more than grim, pointless busywork.

    Unless Space exploration can be outsourced to be cheap and dangerous it ain't happening. A sweat shop approach of sling-shotting bodies into space until somebody makes it alive. Space, like everything else, will most likely also be Chinese.

    There's been a lot of assumption that we will colonize Mars, which we should do. Many of us think of it as a Hail Mary play to save the human race as though we'll just make Earth 2 there (man that show sucked). But is living on a remote alien environment sustained by artificial life support, preferable to fixing our colossal destructive economic practices? Believe it or not they are about as equally hard, especially without a from the ground up (dare I say it) revolution. But if we do nothing, Is the guy who doesn't believe there is a problem really the best person to give us our last resort effort to save our species? Nope. With Ted driving the bus (sorry I mean SUV) we will lose both scenarios, this planet and the super crappy backup, Mars.